1. Int 1: We could return to another … what are your feelings here right now in the USA, you feel the thing of they’re having elections now…

    GH: I think it’s, it’s funny you should say that, the elections. I feel that, you know, from time to time I feel that there’s no difference between past, present and future, it’s all the same. And particularly today, when there’s three bad guys to pick from, so it’s going to be the most popular of these three guys is going to suddenly be the president. And we all know he’s not the one, he’s not going to do it, whoever it is isn’t going to be the one. And so, we’ve already past that, I mean, if you put yourself now, suddenly imagine in two years time, when whoever, which one of these three is going to be out there doing it. Then you know, there’s no difference, it’s all like a waste of time. It’s very sad really, but when you know that the future isn’t going to be a lot of change…

    Int 1: Well, a lot of people are hoping that Wallace gets in so it’ll come down faster. So it’ll all change faster, you know.

    GH: I think Paulsen, Pat Paulsen, he’s my man.

    Int 1: [laughs] Really?

    GH: Yes, or you should have Tommy Smothers, get him in there.

    Int 1: Well, do you think there’s a possibility, you know, in this country, or either in England of a man becoming the leader or president or whatever, whose interest is in the common man?

    GH: I don’t know, I can’t see it, you see. Anybody who’s generally interested in the country and the people…

    Int 2: Gets killed.

    Int 1: Really?

    GH: Yeah, either gets killed, or doesn’t make it for long enough. Whereas the other people who become presidents don’t, it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the country or the people, you know. It’s completely their own scene, their ego, the thing of “I’m the prez, watch out” so that then, they can die as the famous president who did this and who did that. And you know, it’s on such a crummy level that it’s not worth talking about. It’s a joke, it’s a joke, you know, all that … presidents and prime ministers, they’re all the same.

    Int 1: Heads of the protectorates of the status quo.

    GH: Forgive them for they know not what they do.

    Int 2: When I was fourteen years old, I knew I wanted to ball the Queen, but I don’t know, that might have…

    Int 1: I went to see the Queen, she wasn’t there.

    GH: The Queen, yeah. The Queen’s all right though, actually. The Queen’s, you know, it’s not, it’s different like the prez over here, the prez seems to be the heavy guy. Whereas the Queen just like goes around waving all the time. And you know, it’s really her karma, her you know, the fickle finger of fate pointed at her and she happened to, you know, she didn’t split and she had to go around waving. But she is, she’s a nice lady and that makes it even worse somehow.

    Int 3: How’s Prince Charles?

    GH: Well, Prince Charles, I don’t know, and Prince Anne, [laughs] Prince Anne, they seem to be getting more hip. I mean, she’s now got her miniskirt two inches above the ankle, so she’s really coming on. Actually, they’re good though. The Royal Family are quite hip, you know. Margaret and Tony Anson Jones and Princess Alexander, you know, they all, they’re the same, they have their big thing of like, “We got the new Apple records now, and have you heard this one?” You know, they’re not as stodgy as it’s made out. The fault lies in the houses of Parliament.

    Listen to full interview here

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  4. The Beatles Book Monthly No. 31 (Feb. 1966)

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  7. The Beatles Book Monthly No. 19 (Feb. 1965) 

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  8. "During the drive back to London after their Bournemouth concert on August 2 the boys stopped their car outside a transport cafe in a small town. It was after midnight and it was the only place to get a cup of tea. While road manager Neil got the cups Paul and George got out to stretch their legs. Suddenly Paul started to tear up and down the main street pretending he was a mod gone crazy. George immediately took on the role of rocker and started chasing him. Lights were flashed on in bedrooms and several passing cars slowed down to have a look. Very soon after a police car roared up to stop the mod and rocker war that had been reported. They surrounded the Beatles car and started to drag driver Bill out of his seat. Then they saw who the other occupants of the car were and they realised that they’d been had. After a few quick smiles and autographs the boys continued on their way home."
    — "Paul and George Play Practical Joke", The Beatles Book Monthly No. 14 (Sept. 1964)

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  9. "Avant Garde is French for bullshit."
    — George Harrison (via macca-was-the-walrus)

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