1. "Gardening is a real passion; I love being close to nature. It makes me feel very peaceful."
    — George Harrison, The Sun, 21 October 1987

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    I love George’s face crinkles and dimples when he smiled.

  3. "I liked George singing Three Cool Cats. I loved that one, or the Sheik of Araby because he used to do a little dance, and I liked him doing the little dance. He used to sort of kick his feet along the stage."

    - Freda KellyGood Ol’ Freda

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    JUNE 4,1964 - Copenhagen, Denmark

    Photo : Jan Persson

  5. [click to enlarge] From MeetTheBeatlesForReal: Mad Moments

    Sara: ”Many fanzines would have some pretty awesome cartoon drawings included. This one comes from a very mysterious fanzine ‘The I.F.A.’ which was ran by anonymous fans. I have two of these fanzines and the cartoons in them are pretty funny and cute. This one of the Apple Scruffs and other fans is especially neat to see.”

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  6. Scans from MeetTheBeatlesForReal

    Fifty Years Adrift press conference with Derek Taylor and George Harrison in AUCKLAND, NZ.

    28 November, 1984:

    QUESTION: With the publication of Fifty Years Adrift, is there any more to be said about the Beatles?

    DEREK TAYLOR: I’ll answer that. I wanted to do it and did it and that should really be it. It was nice to do it, but we should draw the line there and publish some fiction.

    GEORGE: One reason I liked him writing it was there have been so many [Beatle] books - and no doubt they’ll be many more - written by people who are so-called experts and ninety-percent is lies or just written from other sources. So it’s good to have a book that’s from an inside point of view, but also isn’t particularly nasty. Because there’s a tendency of people to always take a negative approach. I think this book is more interesting, more revealing and at the same time it’s not just stabbing you in the back like a lot of people because they think it means making more money.

    QUESTION: Do you still have a present hold in the movie industry?

    GEORGE: The movie business? Yeah, at the moment I’m negociating to buy the rights to Fifty Years Adrift and make into a movie with Robert De Niro playing Derek Taylor.

    QUESTION: Who would play George Harrison?

    GEORGE: Oh, he’d just be a minor part. We’d get on of the Rutles or something like that.

    QUESTION: George, what about music, what’s that in your life these days?

    GEORGE: Well, I don’t have to make records any longer, which is a relief to go because I’m not really of the competitive nature. I don’t want to have to go out there doing all this stuff which is necessary now. Let’s face it, it’s a cut throat business and I’m not really into that, so I no longer have to make records. Since I don’t have a committment to the music indusrty; I’ve been writing much more music than in the past. For instance, the last couple of months I’ve written about twenty-eight songs and I make demos which are better because they can be of good quality When you get to making a record, though, it’s something serious.

    QUESTION: Will you perform live again?

    GEORGE: What do you think this is? This is a day’s work. You mean musically, I don’t know. I doubt it, it’s too much trouble. Besides, I’m not sure anybody wants to see me.

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  8. George Harrison. Photographed by Henry Grossman. (1965)

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  9. George Harrison, Esher, 1965. Taken by Henry Grossman.

    "George was also eager to show me his cars. They were obviously a passion of his. He was very proud of his sleek white Aston Martin DB5, and I snapped several photos of him posing beside it."

    - Henry Grossman

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  10. George Harrison and Pattie Boyd, Esher, 1965. Taken by Henry Grossman.

    "She put her arm around him, and the light was falling just perfectly for a portrait. I had to take it. And there it was. I’ve always loved the protective posture of Pattie’s arm around George in those photos."

    - Henry Grossman

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