1. "If you had something like two million people screaming at you, I think it would take a long time to stop hearing that in your head. George was not suited to it." - Olivia Harrison

    "I remember him visiting me on tour in Germany. He would come to the side of the stage and look out. But he really didn’t want to go on. He would go, ‘It’s so loud and smoky, and they are acting so crazy. I just feel better back here.’" - Tom Petty

    "George opts to drive with me from Soho Square to Knightsbridge, but when I can’t find where I left my car, I feel he wishes he hadn’t. A bit like an animal caught in a searchlight is our George when out on the streets and I can see him getting a little twitchy as he and I - a Beatle and a Python - parade up and down before the diners on the pavements of Charlotte Street, looking for my car." - Michael Palin

    "George talked a lot about his nervous system, that he just didn’t want to hear loud noise anymore. He didn’t want to be startled. He didn’t want to be stressed." - Olivia Harrison

    (Source: harrisonstories)

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